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Handmade Greek Bouzouki

Huge opportunity for real Greek Bouzouki lovers

Buy Now a used, wonderful, low action, having amazing full "rebetiko" sound, bouzouki, which having been used very gently

3-strings handmade bouzouki decorated by gorgeous figures, with real greek "rembetiko" sound, in excellent condition. 3-string bouzouki is typically tuned to the pattern of D-A-D.
Made by Christos Spourdalakis a famous instrument luthier based in Piraeus, who built instruments since about 1980.
Comes with a hard black case, in excellent condition too.
Instrument dimensions: Scale 69 cm, 27 frets
Resonator Dimensions: Length: 37 cm, Width 28 cm, Depth 17 cm.

Used Bouzouki for sale

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Front Side

Instrument, has gorgeous detail on rosette, pickguard, headstock and bridge. In details at the resonator, near the bridge has a decoration with two birds with white and green colored details. Around the hole there are some more decorations, using same colors

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Bouzouki Front Side

Front Side & Details

This 3 strings bouzouki is in great condition. Only the finest wood (indian rosewood) is used and crafted entirely by hand

The bowl has excellent reflective. Has low action and amazing full sound.However it is ready to accept pickup for electric amplifiers.
Fretboard is made by ebony. The neck has light weight and it is reinforced with carbon fiber. Frets are also in great condition.

Back Side

Craftsmanship on the bowl back is impeccable. It has been built of 60 curved strips of wood (staves or δούγιες). Comes with a state-of-the-art, immaculate, highly protective hard case.

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Bouzouki Back Side

Back Side & Details

The body of this instrument is made of separate staves (called "douyies" in Greek). The more "douyies" has a bouzouki the more expensive is, because it was needed a lot of time and expertise to be made. It is said that "douyies" are affected the quality and the tension of sound. The more the better.

This bousouki is built of 60 staves - "douyies"
At the sides of the bowl there are also some decorations.

Inside the bowl

The interior of the bowl has a lovely gold foil.

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Bouzouki - a look inside the bawl

Inside the bowl & details

The interior of the bowl is covered in gold foil (which helps with a bright tone), and of course there is the label with the name and other details of the luthier.

Even the gold foil is decorated by a pattern of some kind of leaves. This is also an evidence, to be understand that all materials are very careful chosen.
The label is the sign of the luthier and a some kind of guarantee about the quality, the level of perfection, and the monetary value of the instrument.